Friday, March 30, 2012

Best of CatalystBlogger: Also, See You After April 9!

I've got a vacation planned--I'm heading to France for ten days, leaving...yesterday! If everything goes well, I should be arriving in Paris around the time this blog post goes live. I'm looking forward to passing a romantic few days in the City of Lights, roaming around the French countryside, and spending time with someone very dear to me.

In the meantime, I thought I'd leave you with a redux of some Catalystblogger posts you may have missed. Not my most high-profile posts, but ones I felt were quite strong and may not have gotten the viewership they should have. (My own fault--I did drop out for a whole year!). Anyway, I hope you enjoy--and I'll see you a bit later in April!

Things You Can't Buy for $5 An Article. In which I get into an over-excited state over the $5-an-article market--seriously, who hasn't gotten into this state at some point on their blog?--and talk about what you can, and can't, get for that price.

Suppressing that "Nice" Reflex. I struggle with this all the time--the tension between putting your business needs first and being "nice." It's why I'm not too comfortable working for close friends, unless under very special circumstances.

Forget Paying Your Dues: Why You Shouldn't Wait to Live Your Dream. This is a post from 2008--but I think it's quite relevant today. The longer I've been doing this--and by "this" I guess I mean living life as an adult, out of college--the more I've realized that there is never, ever a "right time" for anything. You will never have enough money saved up. You will never have enough experience. I think that yes, you do have to plan and prepare--but don't do it too much. No matter how much you plan and save, you will always have to take a leap to go after what you want.

On Being the Freelancer Your Client Calls in an Emergency. I've been thinking a lot lately about the difference in expectations between the corporate and the freelance world. The two operate very differently, and while they can work quite well together, there are also some clashes. This post addresses one facet of that--and I may write more about it when I get back.

I hope you have a wonderful week--and I'll see you soon!

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Kimberly Ben said...

Okay, I'm jealous. Have a wonderful, safe vacation!