Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catalyst in the News

Susan Johnston from The Urban Muse interviewed me a while ago for an article about that awkward time after you graduate college and before you have that whole financial-purpose-life thing figured out. You can read it over at Young Money.

People often say that being young is all about being free to explore and do what you want. I've found that my twenties have been largely about compromise--if I want to live where I want to live, I have to a). live with a lot of roommates or b). make a lot more money than I'm making now. I can have a fabulous business of my own, but I still don't have health insurance. (I know, I know, it's dangerous; believe me, my mom brings it up at least once a week). True, I'm compromising a lot less than I would be if I had kids--but is the decision not to have kids to preserve freedom a big compromise of its own?

Maybe for some people, the twenties are easier and more free. But it seems to me that adult life is comprised mainly of a series of compromises, big and little--no matter your age.

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Unknown said...

One word - insure.com. Seriously. My son was in your position not long ago, and a freak stomach virus landed him in the emergency room ($2,000) seen by a doctor ($874), and with bloodwork ($1,484). Had he owned even the bare-bones policy, that would've been covered. It costs about $80 a month or more, depending.