Friday, November 12, 2010

Back After a Loooonggg Hiatus

So, I haven't been around for a while.

A lot's happened in my life. I met a fabulous guy. I traveled all over Europe with him--and went to Kenya. My brother got married. I finished a second novel. I started performing slam poetry in New York. And amidst all that, my freelance writing work suddenly tripled. It was a great run...and things are finally starting to slow down.

If I'd realized this was coming, I would have prepared better. But it was a case of not realizing I'd be too busy to post until I was...and once you start ignoring something (like your exercise plan, or your screenplay, or your blog) it gets easier and easier to keep ignoring it. So...sorry about that! But things are slowing down for me for a bit, so I'm finally coming back.

When I started this blog, I promised myself I wouldn't let it take over my life. My plan was always to keep it going for as long as it fit in my life, and not stress about it when it doesn't. Since then, there have been several points where I've had to drop out for a bit. I can't say when that time will come again, but I'm sure it will. In the meantime, however, hopefully I can get a good, consistent series of new posts up.

I hope you've had a fabulous few months, too!


P.S. Jones @Diary of A Mad Freelancer said...

Jennifer, I actually thought about the fact that I hadn't seen much of you in awhile just yesterday. I'm very happy that it's because you've had so many wonderful things going on in your life!

Unknown said...

I've been living vicariously through you, Jen. It's been great seeing so much wonderful stuff happening to you - even better to follow along on your photo journey. :)

Glad you're back. We missed you. :)

Jennifer Williamson said...

Thanks, guys! It's great to be back!

Kimberly Ben said...

Wow - you've been busy! Welcome back. :)

Jennifer Williamson said...

Thanks, Kimberly!

dema said...
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