Friday, August 14, 2009

The Next Few Weeks

This is my last post before leaving on my epic trip to Ecuador. I couldn't be more excited to explore a new country and culture--and be away from email and the Internet for a while. This is my first real vacation in a long time.

I'll be back on September 11, and in the meantime you'll be in good hands with fantastic posts from some of my favorite freelance writers and bloggers. Here are a few highlights to look for:

Ever wonder why some of your regulars drop out of touch--even when you try to keep in contact? Lori Widmer explores the reasons why clients pull a disappearing act.

Devon Ellington provides valuable tips on how experienced freelancers can build and maintain financial momentum.

Get the client-side perspective with advice from Deb Ng on how not to pitch an editor--plus a post from book marketer extraordinaire Ginny Stone on how her well-known publishing company hires freelancers.

A post from a superstar copywriter whose books on freelance writing got many of us started. I don't want to ruin the surprise--all I'm saying is, BE HERE on the 26th of August.

So tune in over the next few weeks for practical, entertaining and hard-hitting advice from the pros. I know I've learned a lot already from reading these posts--and hopefully you will, too.

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Anonymous said...


Have a safe and wonderful trip. I've been to the area and you are going to love it.

But, couldn't you come back a day earlier or day later? Call me superstitious, but I try to avoid travel on that day.

Best wishes to you.