Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top Ten Blogs for Writers: The Results Are In!

I've been checking Michael Stelzner's Writing White Papers blog incessantly since I found out this blog made the short list for the top ten. The results just went up this morning--and we made it!

This was a pretty big surprise to me, I have to admit. This blog hasn't been around long, and to be honest I'm always surprised (and pleased) to see any traffic and comments. To win an award alongside people like Brian Clark and Deb Ng was much more than I ever expected.

I'm very grateful to the people who nominated this blog, and to all my readers. And thanks to Michael for taking the time to read and review. There are many different types of blogs for writers out there, and it looks like he really did a great job of choosing a wide range of high-quality writing in all categories.

Here's a list of the winners:

Copyblogger by Brian Clark: Holding the number-one spot for the second year running, this site excels at teaching the art of writing.
Freelance Writing Jobs by Deborah Ng: For writers seeking new work, this site is your sole destination and maintains a top spot in our contest from last year.
The Renegade Writer by Linda Formichelli and Dianna Burell: Are you a freelance journalist looking for inspiration? Look no further.
Web Content Writing Tips by James Chartrand and Harrison McLeod: With a focus on making more money as a writer, this blog is full of helpful how-to articles.
Web Writing Info by Courtney Ramirez: This excellent blog looks at social networking and emerging web-based opportunities for writers.
The Golden Pencil by Anne Wayman: Wayman, a second-year winner, examines how to go for the gold as a freelance writer.
CatalystBlogger by Jennifer Williamson: Williamson writes about the pains and trials writers face.
Freelance Parent by Lorna Doone Brewer and Tamara Berry: Two moms provide excellent perspective on writing with a dash of parenting.
Write From Home by Amy Derby: Derby provides fresh commentary and advice on writing.
Copywriter Underground by Tom Chandler: This site, a second-year winner, provides regular doses of inspiration for copywriters.

Congratulations to those who won, and thanks again for this recognition. I will do my absolute best to live up to it.


Courtney said...

Congratulations Jennifer! Finding your blog has definitely been one of my great discoveries this year. :)

Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I don't believe blogging tenure has much to do with worthiness. You definitely deserve a ranking amongst these other great bloggers. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jennifer. Your blog is one of my daily stops now.


Jesse Hines said...


Congratulations on the award; you've got a strong blog.

You're also an inspiration to me as I'm a fellow blogspot blogger; to see someone win such high honors without what a lot of blog experts say you must have (your own domain name, intricate, colorful design, etc.) indicates that content is still king, which is good.

My own blog design (vigorouswriting.blogspot.com) is very similar to yours--no ripoff as I just found your site today through reading the top ten blog winners list--so I was encouraged to see your blog ranked up there with blogs who have much more intricate design and techno-power.

Good job.


James said...

Congratulations to you, Jen. I think you do a good job of your blog and provide good material for people to read. Well done!

Web Content Writer Tips

Jennifer Williamson said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for the support! Congrats to Courtney, James and Deb for their wins as well.

Jesse--I don't think a picture-perfect design is necessary at all for a successful blog (although it's better for your site rankings if your blog is on your domain with it, I understand). I think it's best to write first and let the technological advances come when you're ready to make them. Your content will carry you until then.

Michele said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! A big "woo hoo" for you ;-)

Way to go!

SO happy for you,

Holli Jo said...

Congrats! I found your blog a few days ago, and I'm so glad I did.

Unknown said...

Hooray!!!! Congratulations, Jennifer! We knew you'd be on that list. :))

Karen Putz said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jennifer! This honor is well deserved. I have been enjoying CatalystBlogger ever since I discovered it a few weeks ago.

Thanks for all the great posts!

-Melissa Donovan
Writing Forward

Susan Johnston Taylor said...

Congrats, Jennifer! I'm still working my way through your archives, but you have some posts on here.

Jennifer Williamson said...

Thank you all for stopping by--I appreciate the support!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I am new to both reading and writing blogs. I find yours very helpful. I thought it was fun to read about the people who wanted you to write something smooth and edgy, and how you couldn't seem to please them. And now look at you, making this top 10 list. That's got to feel great!

Jennifer Williamson said...

Glad you like it! Yeah, it is a bit gratifying to win the award...it definitely helps put the projects that don't go perfectly in perspective. Best of luck with your own blog!