Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Five Things to be Thankful For

It's almost Thanksgiving, and I'm about to start packing up the car to visit some family in a far-flung state. Before I pry myself off my laptop for the holiday, I'd like to take a few minutes to think about what I'm most thankful for in my writing career.

Great clients. I love my clients. I've worked for some fascinating people who are doing exciting things with their businesses, and it's been great to be able to contribute to their success. Thanks to all the folks I've worked for this year.

Generous writers. I never realized what a tightly-knit and supportive community there is out there for web writers until I got into blogging. So many writers are so generous with their knowledge and time, both in person and through their blogs. Since I've started my blog I've had some great opportunities to learn from others, swap war stories, and generally share experiences about the crazy world of online writing. Thanks to Matt, Matt, Lori, Kathy, Courtney, Chris, Anne, James and everyone else on my blogroll for...well, just being you.

Freelance forums. Sometimes you just need to check in with your writer buddies when some issue comes up in your writing business--and you can find people on these forums who've handled the same stuff you're dealing with many times. My favorite freelancer's forum is Absolute Write and the Copywriters' Board are also great places to seek help from experienced writers and throw your knowledge around, too.

Bloggers who post job listings. It's tough enough writing a blog post without scouring the web for job notices for your fellow writers. These bloggers take the time to do it--and they deserve a big round of applause for their efforts, in my opinion:

Deborah Ng's Freelance Writing Jobs
The Golden Pencil
Words on the Page

Free Rice. The world ought to be grateful for this site. Who knew? You really can save the world with your vocabulary.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the link love, toots. I'm returning the favor. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, hey! I just realized that the James you mentioned in this post was me (doh)! That's pretty cool of you, and warm fuzzies aside at the kind words, I think you're pretty neat, too.

Jennifer Williamson said...

Thanks, guys!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link. I see you've made Michel's shortlist for the top ten blogs for writers so you've now got something else to be thankful for.

Matt aka The Copywriter's Crucible

Jennifer Williamson said...

Fantastic--thanks for letting me know!

Courtney said...

Thanks so much for the mention Jennifer! I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving. :)